An art exhibition will accompany the show at The Blue Room Theatre for the duration of the show’s season there, and will also be displayed on this website indefinitely.


As artists who have lived in the Middle East, we understand the level of censorship and the dangers associated with the production of risqué art and controversial subject matters in our home countries. We would like to extend to you an opportunity to delve deeply into subject matters considered taboo in your own home country. This is an opportunity to freely express yourselves without fear of persecution, while also providing a platform to expose daring, original works of art that would otherwise be relegated to the ‘too controversial’ or ‘too dangerous’ basket.


It is our hope that your works will provide an alternative representation of Muslim culture to what is usually portrayed in the mainstream media, and that through these works our audience will be able to connect with this play on a deeper and more meaningful level.

A Studio Damascus Project.